Tuesday, 11 November 2014

38 Weeks Pregnant - The end is near!

I have not written a post now for ages as even though I have been on maternity leave I feel like I have not stopped. We have been decorating our hallway, stairs and landing and when I say decorating I mean re-plastering, stripping paintwork and starting from scratch. The end results are fantastic with the carpet having been laid a few days ago! There is still some paintwork in the hallway to be done which the other half is cracking on with while I blog.

I am relieved that it is nearly done but I do think is it necessary for there to be such an urgency when pregnant to nest and get everything perfect for when baby arrives?? Obviously we are not the only couple to be doing decorating in preparation for a new arrival, I know loads of couples all doing the same thing as if the arrival of the baby means that the rest of your life goes on hold. Its madness really!!

Here I am 38 weeks pregnant in one of the only pieces of  clothing I am comfortable in - my onesie! Yes I realise I look like I have stuffed a beachball up my top haha . .

I am carrying very low now and can feel a lot of pressure low down now which is getting really uncomfortable. I am already having sleepless nights as I am up to the toilet up to 6 times a night  and then get a lot of pelvic pain once I get back into bed so not much fun.

Any journey during the day has to be planned so I am not far from a toilet and walking very far is definitely a no no. Putting my shoes and socks on can be a bit of a mission and painting toenails impossible! I had my boy 2 weeks early so now I am over 38 weeks with this one I am in unknown territory, the days I can manage its the nights that are awful trying to get comfy and sleep.

I am feeling a bit anxious about the labour now too as even though its impossible to remember the  pain exactly, I know its a pain that is worse than anything else and me reaching the stage where I would do anything to take it away. That said I am also anxious to hold my baby so just want it over and done with. Its a mixture of fear and excitement. I remember the emotions you feel of holding your baby for the first time and nothing can beat it!

I am hoping that if all goes well I can have our baby in the local birth centre which will be a lot more relaxed and intimate than the general hospital. I have requested a water birth which I hope will help with the pelvic pain this time which was horrendous when I had K. The only downside is that I can only have Gas in the birth centre so if I do feel I want more pain relief it is not available.

My thoughts on this are that I would never request an epidural as the thought of a needle in my back to paralyse me would petrify me and I would want to be able to move around after the birth. I had diamorphine when in labour with K and did not like the feeling of not being in total control as I got confused on it as to what I was supposed to be doing when pushing. So actually a water birth and gas I hope will be enough.

The labour was quick with K - 5 hours so fingers crossed this one will be too though no labour is the same so will just have to wait and see. I have a feeling that this little madam is going to keep me waiting until my due date at least so watch this space for my 40 week post which will probably mostly consist of me moaning! Wish me luck . . . .