Wednesday, 3 September 2014

First Day of School

Well the first day of school for my boy and I couldn't be prouder.

K has been going to the nursery in his school for 2 hours from 9am til 11am for the past year and he has loved it. He has a lovely circle of friends there that he also plays with out of nursery hours and they are all moving up to the reception class together, which is why I have no major worries about him being in school for a longer day.

I have all the usual worries I suppose, what if something happens to him and I am not there to comfort him? Will he eat all his dinner or refuse and end up being hungry all afternoon? Will he get picked on? The thing is that they can't be tied to their mom's apron strings and need their own independence to learn and grow. This is the age now where they can easily adapt to situations and they have that much energy and want to learn everything about the world around them. I feel that K is ready for full-time school and is going to really benefit from being there.

So the night before . . . 7am bedtime, school uniform ready, fruit ready to take for snack time!
Guess what Kieran has a lie in on his first morning of school til 7.20am, bear in mind his usual wake up time is 6.30am! Anyway I wake him up and he is all excited to be going to school to see his friends. I have a chat to him about school dinner and what he will be having today - the school give us a 4 week menu which is great for planning which days you want them to have dinner and which days you may want them to take a packed lunch. As K is a bit fussy there will be days where I know he will refuse to eat certain things so will push him a little but will let him take his own sandwich occasionally.

We left the house early and took lots of photo's on the way and met up with his friends and the mom's all waiting outside. What a great atmosphere outside the school gates, everyone excited, showing off their new shoes and bags etc all the mom's nervous about letting their little ones go for the whole day and thinking what are they going to do with all this spare time on their hands! Then the school bell goes and everyone heads for the door. Me and K join hands and we walk to his new class, find his coat peg and he races in to meet his friends - not even a kiss goodbye!! I look around feeling a bit dejected and see him playing happy with his mates and I feel so proud of him. Then off to work I go!

K is on my mind, I am wondering what he is doing and I find myself looking at the clock timing what he would be doing now. I can't wait to finish work to see how his day has gone. I pull up outside the gates at 3pm and wait outside, he appears 5 minutes later and runs out the door shouting mommy with a big smile on his face - my gorgeous little boy.  He tells me he has eaten all his dinner and been playing trains and that he enjoyed his day.

I am thankful that I picked him up with a smile on his face, he was all in one piece and had eaten his school dinner plus he had enjoyed being with his friends, what more could a mom want?

We have had a little meltdown this evening as he I took him out for a walk after his tea and probably finished him off! I just need to wait for him to adjust to his new routine and school is bound to tire him out more now.

I just can't wait now to have a day off work while K is at school so I can have some me time before all my time is occupied with my new baby girl. Happy Days!

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