Thursday, 25 September 2014

31 Weeks Pregnant - girls are more trouble than boys!

Well I am now in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy and don't I know it! The bump is huge and is on the move regularly and I know the patterns of her being awake and asleep. I heard the rumours that you carry girls all up front and didn't really know what it mean't but now I most definitely know what this means.

With K I always felt his movements down my right side but they were set back in my stomach, I am not saying I couldn't see his movements because I could but they did not feel too hard on the front of my stomach and I carried a lot of water with him and felt that this acted like a bit of a barrier.

This time I can feel every movement she makes to the point where it now feels painful, I thinks its her shoulders, back and elbows I can feel just to the left of my belly button and I can visibly see her shifting herself around. It feels like she is going to pop out of my stomach and I still have just under 9 weeks to go which is a bit of a scary thought. Even when she is not moving I can put my hand on my stomach and feel a part of her there.

Now for the real whinge -
  • Restless Legs - this is not the first time I have had this as I suffered this with K, every night when I sit down, about half hour later I have restless legs. Some people call it twitchy legs, its when you can not stop fidgeting with your legs as they will just not settle and constantly feel uncomfortable. The only way I can manage this is by sitting on the gym ball and having a little bounce while watching tv but if I get it in bed it keeps me awake for ages (and my partner unfortunately)
  • Cramps - I am getting cramps in my legs and feet, not too often but very painful. My partner thought there was something seriously wrong when I shouted out loud due to a leg cramp the one night!
  • Hormones - Yes I have days where I just want to ball my eyes out or just want to kill somebody (usually my partner)
  • Struggling to do my trainers up - to bend for anything is a huge task but trying to do my trainers I have to bend to the side as she is always in the way and I am sure I will be asking for help before long. To bend over to pick something up is embarrassing as I just look ridiculous with my legs apart trying to stretch down!
  • Getting comfortable to sleep is difficult, I need to position my V cushion under my bump now and turning over to sleep on my other side in the night wakes me up as I have to be careful and mindful of which side the baby is sleeping.
  • Needing to go for a wee up to 5 times during the night and feeling so hot and uncomfortable is a nightmare. I am sure this is good practice for when she is here but I am so uncomfortable I would just love to have the occasional full nights sleep.
  • Not being able to drink a bottle of wine! I miss a few glasses now and then and have been invited to more weddings,christenings and special occasions since being pregnant again than any other year.
Now for the good bits -
  • Waking up in the morning to feel her first movements of the days which can still be an elbow sticking out but its comforting to know she is there when I wake up she is warm and safe in my tummy.
  • Realising that the limb sticking out of my stomach feels like toes on her tiny feet - how cute.
  • Being able to eat loads. I must admit I am not pigging out too much, its mostly in the evening and its usually just a bowl of cereal extra to what I would eat, though its nice to have the odd bar of choccy as a treat being as I can't have a drink.
  • Decorating the nursery and buying all the things you need for baby. As I already have K I kept all of his things from when he was a baby which I have been able to re-use this time. eg, the cot, moses basket,cot mobile, baby moniters etc From experience I haven't spent much on a buggy as I know that you don't necessarily get the use out of them and they are all pretty similar. In fact I have gone for a second hand one which has not been used so looks brand new saving us a stack of money! It has a car seat, carry cot, foot muff, raincover and nappy bag so was amazing value.
  • Reading about how your baby is developing week by week. I love checking up on how big our baby is getting and what she is up to inside my tummy. The sites I read from also offer you good tips on what you should be eating and how you might be feeling as the weeks go by.
  • Knowing I am only a few weeks away from meeting our little princess. I keep recalling how I felt after having K and the emotions and love you immediately feel for your little bundle of joy. The first night I spent with K I couldn't sleep as I just kept looking at him, taking him all in and checking he was still there and breathing. I can;t wait to feel like that again plus I can't wait to see K meet his new little sister.

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