Monday, 28 July 2014

You Know Your 23 Weeks Pregnant when:

  • You can rest your cup of tea comfortably on your bump
  • Everybody around you tells you off for lifting anything heavier than a bag of sugar!
  • Your inny belly button starts to push out into an outy - eugh!
  • Your tummy becomes accessible to everyone rubbing and patting it even complete strangers
  • The repetition of your expected birth date, if you are having a boy or girl and if it's your first child or not gets slightly irritating

  • One Born Every Minute becomes top of your playback list and you need a box of tissues every time a baby is born
  • You crap yourself and wonder 'what the hell are you thinking????' every time a woman starts getting contractions on One Born Every Minute!
  • Bra's start getting tighter and if your really lucky you need to buy the next cup size - yippee!!!
  • Bending over to pick something up gets less graceful as you now have to spread your legs to bend and avoid squashing bump.
  • You go for a wee 20 times + a day.
  • When you do wee its a dribble and very disappointing.
  • Your mind starts going into overdrive over what you need to buy and the preparations you need to make - nesting will soon begin!
  • One day life is perfect and you have all the energy in the world and the next day you just want to stay in bed and sleep all day.

  • You have been warned funny pregnancy Shirt

  • The movements of the baby are in a regular pattern and you can't help but smile and rub your tummy throughout the day knowing your keeping your little one safe and happy inside you.

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