Sunday, 6 July 2014

Second Scan Excitement!

My partner and I are expecting our second child which is a 20 weeks old foetus as I write this post. Tomorrow we attend our second scan otherwise know as an anomaly scan which will reassure us that the baby is doing well - hopefully. There may also be the opportunity to discover the sex of the baby, we as a couple do want to know the sex of the baby if we can, though we actually have no preference. Everybody I meet tend to have different opinions on this and many of my friends are surprised that I would want to know and not save it as a surprise.

The reason we want to know is because we have bags of boys clothes in our attic which being the organised mother (I try) I want to sort out before the baby is born. We also have a nursery that we would like to finish which we don't want to be just neutral based. I also do not want to receive gifts that are all yellow lol! These may seem very material reasons but they are our reasons and we stand by them.

My main concern of course is that the baby is healthy, if we can not determine the sex then I will either have to have a surprise or pay for a 3rd scan. Whatever the outcome I will be back on my blog tomorrow to share, happy days - wish me luck x x

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