Wednesday, 23 July 2014

22 Weeks and Counting

Yes this is me at only 22 weeks pregnant! I am feeling huge and in this heat that we are having at the moment I am struggling. Baby girl seems happy though kicking away in my tummy and its such a lovely feeling. My partner can sometimes feel her now too, I can't wait to actually see her moving away in there as I used to with my boy, a foot sticking out here and there! I keep updated week by week on her progress usually by taking a look on Bounty or Babycentre or both!

The nursery is painted and just needs the carpet laying down and then I can start sorting out all my baby items from when I had my boy which are stored in the attic. We have most of the important things like the Moses basket, cot, feeding equipment, blankets, mobile etc but will need to buy a new buggy and changing unit. Also depending on what neutral clothes I have we have to go baby girl clothes shopping!

Next on my list is to pick up my maternity form otherwise know as a Mat B1 form around about now to hand in to my employer with the dates I need to start my maternity. As I have a physical job and a 3 year old at home, I am finding this pregnancy a lot more tiring than the last one so have decided to start my maternity a bit earlier at 32 weeks. I started maternity last time at 36 weeks and gave birth a few days later so want a bit of a rest and some time to get properly prepared, i.e nesting haha!

Another appointment in my diary is to go and have my anti D injection which I also had with my boy. This is due to me being a Rhesus negative blood type and I need to have the injection just in case the baby is a positive blood group. Basically if the baby is a positive and any of her blood gets into my system then my body will treat it as a foreign invader and will start making antibodies to destroy her blood. The anti D injection will destroy any blood from the baby before my body can make antibodies. This helps protect any future pregnancies as my body won't have built up the antibodies to fight them if they also turn out to be a positive blood group. For further information please take a look at
You need to have this injection between 28 and 30 weeks of your pregnancy.

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